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With more than 10 innovative profiler tools, The Miner is the most complete solution for optimizing Flash content. Using a lightweight immersive approach, this profiler can hook on anything made in flash, which let you profile and debug anytime, as needed.

Tutorial: Using the Console

This tutorial is very simple and explains how to use the logging feature included in v1.4.00.
This feature can only be used when using the SWC integration.

-You can either:
  • Use simple log (message with or without channel)
  • Inspect a Class or an Object

1. Simple logging using TheMiner.Log() static call
//Simple log
TheMiner.Log("My Simple Log");

//Log to a specific channel
TheMiner.Log("Simple Channel Log","MyChannel");

2. Inspecting a Class or an Object instance using TheMiner.InspectObject() static call
//Inspecting(dynamic log) a Class definition
TheMiner.Log("Inspecting a class","Inspect");
TheMiner.InspectObject(MyClassToInspect, "Inspect");

//Inspecting(dynamic log) a Object Instance
TheMiner.Log("Inspecting an instance","Inspect");
mObjToInspect = new MyClassToInspect();
TheMiner.InspectObject(mObjToInspect, "Inspect");

//Class to print out			
class MyClassToInspect
	public var FirstVar:int = 0;
	public var SecondVar:String = "foo"

3. The result of all logs in the Logs tab of TheMiner

4. Dynamic logging
The previous images shows all logs, and inspected object.
Almost all fields are clickable to have more detail on a specific part.
If you click on a property, it will show-up in the green bar at the bottom
Then you can assign a new value dynamically (I forced a new value: 5)

5. Commands
Multiple commands can be entered in the command bar at the bottom
They all start with "/", and to get the full list, type "/commands" Here is the list:

And here is an example of what happens if you do the /map