ONE swf to rule them all!

One file, no install, no weight, no worrie. Inside that new little bar at the top of any flash application launched, you'll find all you need to analyse the application behaviors. Hooking like a worm to whatever you decide, it will extract everything the AVM is capable of, and more!

Support Group

Sociodox is using Google Groups has it's main support forum.
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Bug Base

Sociodox is using a Mantis BugBase with anonymous login enabled. By doing this, we let everyone report problems and make sure they are fix quickly.
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TheMiner has been ported in translated to multiple languages by community members. We've made it super easy to create new translations or update current ones.
Just open the translation teemplates, edit, and send it by mail at
*Your browser might not like the encoding. All file are in UTF-8. You can RightClick->Save*

Current translation
  • English : by jpauclair (
  • Spanish : by jc.franco (
  • Dutch : by Roland Zwaga (
  • French : by jpauclair (
  • Russian : by focus (
  • Hindi : by manish
  • Japanese : by Shota Tomida
  • Turkish : by ismail şimşek
  • Chinese (Simplified) : by (
  • Chinese (Traditional) : by (