The Miner: The master's toolset

The Miner is the most complete set of tools to debug and profile Flash and Air applications. With a heuristical approach of problem detection, a simple and immersive interface, and many unique and innovative profilers. There are simply no other tools that can provide a deeper look into your application performances.

Flash™ & AIR™ Debuggers/Profilers

The Miner let you dig deep into your application performances issues.
It can be used in two ways, embeding, or PreloadSWF.

Global Stats Profiler (Classic)
Instanciation Profiler (Classic)
Function Profiler (Classic)
Permanent Search Filter (PRO)
Internal Events Profiler (Unique)
Loaders Profiler (Unique)
Resources Grabber (PRO)
DisplayList Profiler (Unique)
Overdraw profiler (Unique)
Mouse Listeners profiler (Unique)
Custom User Events (PRO)
Flash Console (PRO)
Garbage Collector Triggering (Classic)
Instanciation/Garbage "Raw Data Dump" (Unique, for PowerDevs!)
Function Call listing "Raw Data Dump" (Unique, for PowerDevs!)
Interlaced Sampling/Function Call listing "Raw Data Dump" (Unique, for PowerDevs!)
Direct as3-code command for SWC embedding (Unique, for PowerDevs!)
Continuous Profiling (Unique)
MonsterDebugger "Automated Connectivity" (Unique)

Innovation and advantages

The profiler is very compact and don’t need any external tool.
The whole profiling result is showed in a transparent UI enabling easy integration and dynamic profiling.


Each TheMiner build is available in over 10 languages!

  • English, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish and Chinese traditional / simplified