ONE swf to rule them all!

One file, no install, no weight, no worrie. Inside that new little bar at the top of any flash application launched, you'll find all you need to analyse the application behaviors. Hooking like a worm to whatever you decide, it will extract everything the AVM is capable of, and more!


    Q: What is TheMiner?
    A: Well you should browse the site a bit more, but basicly, it's a performance profiler for Adobe Flash and AIR application. It is made by Sociodox in Quebec (Canada)

    Q: Why TheMiner is not free anymore?
    A: TheMiner is still free for non-commercial use. This is our way of making innovation and learning possible for everyone. But we think that by driving some revenue from this great tool, it will ensure maintability and support over time. Also, nearly everyone who used it agree that for it's price, you only have to fix one bug to worth it's price.

    Q: Can I use TheMiner on Actionscript1 & 2 project?
    A: No. the PreloadSWF feature of mm.cfg require AS3 to work

    Q: What does TheMiner add to the already existing internal debugger in Flex Builder?
    A: The internal Flex Debugger is great, and TheMiner use the same API to cover the same features set.
    But TheMiner also contain a lot of unique and innovative features not in flex builder profiler:
    - Global Stats Profiler
    - Internal Events Profiler
    - Loaders Profiler
    - DisplayList Profiler
    - Overdraw profiler
    - Mouse Listeners profiler
    - Instanciation/Garbage "Raw Data Dump"
    - Function Call listing "Raw Data Dump"
    - Continuous Profiling
    - Skin support
    - Minimizable
    - MonsterDebugger "Automated Connectivity"

    Q: How can I help TheMiner to evolve?
    A: Please post any kind of feedbacks in the support group. TheMiner focus on comments from the community to prioritize all futur development.
    If you ask for a feature, it will be considered and added before almost anything comming directly from us.

    Q: Are you guys in any way affiliated with Adobe?
    A: No, but we do have a lot of good friends at Adobe.
    We are also included in nearly every pre-release product from Adobe. This is very important for us to keep working on "bleeding-edge" solutions.