Driven by your problems

The Miner has been design to solve many problem encountered when developping application where performance really matter. We're trying to expose in the simpliest way all the information you need to debug and profile your application.

About Sociodox

When something went wrong, something came up

Starting in early 2010, The Miner was the first product made by Sociodox. At that time, it was only a blog, and a product answering the small number of profiling tools for Flash. Dozens of articles and hundreds of thousands of views later, the experience and knowledge of the team has emmerged. Now, we're focusing on solving problems experienced by most Flash developers.

Our Mission

Developing something so useful that after trying it, you won't want to work without it.

From the very start, The Miner has been designed to expose problematics that can lead to bad performances. With more and more application that depends on good performances, and new targeted platforms such as mobile and TVs, it's important to make the applicationg as fast as possble, and make sure it can run on the lowest possible specs. Having a good toolset is crutial, and this is the exact goal of Sociodox, providing solutions, knowledge and techniques to get the best out of Flash.

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